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Why Yoruba Groups should not Join the One-month Sit-at-home in the East.

It was revealed in a recent news shared by Sahara reporters, on how a Yoruba Group, plans to meet on Sunday following the invitation by the Indigenous people of Biafra, whether or not, they will join the one month Sit-At-Home.

The sit at home is said to commence on the 21st of October, the reason they are embarking on the sit at home, is the DSS refusal to bring it's leader to court on the said date.

Both group would discuss the proposal, and a decision. Would be taken, as to whether the group will Join or not.

In my opinion, the Yorubas should not join the Igbos to enforce the one month sit at home order, this is because it's definitely going to have a negative effect on them.

Imagine the level of poverty many families who depend on daily sales to earn a living, would be pushed into, if they eventually sit at home for a whole month doing nothing.

How about schools and banks, how do people withdraw their savings from the bank, if they shutdown for a month. How do the banks pay staffs if they don't make profit.

The Yorubas need to rethink and avoid joining the sit at home, because it's going to affect residents more. It doesn't make sense that those who claim to be protecting you, are creating strict law that would affect the people they are protecting.

What are your thoughts?

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