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Drama as police officer sought to arrest Cartracknigeria CEO, see offence the officer said he committed

Many Nigeria police officers take advantage of their uniform to bully the citizens especially on the road by demanding for bribe before allowing you your vehicle to go, than enforcing law. Due to such course that has made many young Nigerians loss their lives to the hands of trigger happy police officers and one of the main reasons the Endsars protest was done.

However according to viral video online which was uploaded by famousblogng, showed how the Ceo of Cartracknigeria was into an argument with a police officer who wants to arrest him for helping a stranded lagosian on the road.

In the video showed how the the Ceo of Cartracknigeria was stopped by a police officer as he told the lagosian he helped to video record the police officer who was harassing them.

Watch video here :

The police officer said he has no right to tow a lagosian from third mainland bridge, the Ceo asked him so you want to arrest me for towing someone free of charge from third mainland bridge, the officer didn't answer him as the Ceo continued, do you want to take me to your office or what if not allow me go to my destination, rather the police officer told him to pack his vehicle aside.

What your opinion on this, who do you think is right or wrong. Share your thoughts at comment section below.

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