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The Policemen Who Pointed Their Guns Towards Protesting Students In Abia Should Be Cautioned (VIDEO)

Students of Abia State Polytechnic came out in a large number on Thursday to protest against the alleged molestation of a female student by policemen attached to the Rapid Response Squad in Aba.

The students protested in front of their school gate, and they obstructed vehicles going in and out of Aba, using the expressway.

In a viral video, some policemen who were at the school's main gate pointed their guns towards protesting students before firing, some students even jumped on the ground when they noticed that the policemen were pointing guns in their direction.

The writer believes that the policemen acted wrongly by pointing and firing in the direction of protesting students. A little mistake from the security men could have lead to the death of a student that is why the policemen should be cautioned by the state's police command.

Even though they wanted to scare the students away, there are other ways like; firing into the air, using teargas, or a more peaceful approach that involves addressing the students.

If the policemen are not cautioned, they might not know that the method they used to scare students away from the school's gate is wrong.

The writer also believes that many other policemen in the state need a proper orientation on how to tackle protesters to avoid putting their lives in danger. The primary duty of every policeman in Nigeria is to protect the citizens of the country and not do things that might harm them.

The students came out to protest because they believe a police officer did something bad to a fellow student, firing bullets in their direction will only provoke them more.

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