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Lessons On Criminal Justice Nigerians Can Learn When Soldiers Approached Old Woman On Biafran Cloth

The video of an old woman who was spotted sitting on the floor wearing Biafran attire and being addressed by Soldiers generated reactions among Nigerians. Many Nigerians talked about the legality of anybody putting on such clothing and so on. But the major aspect that Nigerians were fastidious about was how the soldiers addressed the old lady most civilly, despite that she is wrong to have put on such attire.

These reactions by the military should teach us these lessons about criminal justice.

1. Soldiers did not beat her.

Watching the video closely, you will discover that soldiers were even begging her to please stand up and asked a passerby to help them in talking to her. In the criminal justice system, it is pertinent to know that a criminal is presumed not guilty until proven otherwise by a competent court of law.

2. Nobody should provoke any security operatives.

Although, the security operatives did not react to the provocations from the old woman, but rather begging her to leave the road. But it is pertinent that we all know that it is against the law to provoke security operatives. If they are provoked, they have the right by the law to make necessary arrests.

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