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Abuja Protest: Youths Burning Tyres On The Road Are Causing More Harm Than Good To the Society

Today, Nigeria celebrates it's 61st birthday and in respect to that, the government has ordered today, 1st of October a public holiday.

Recall some days ago, the IPOB declared a total lockdown in the eastern region of the country on Independence Day. Not just that, an order was given out to remove every Nigerian flag in the region.

Now, some youths in the northern region, Abuja, have taken to the streets to protest over this present administration.

(Photo Credit: Punch Newspapers)

From the photos shared by Punch Newspapers, the youths were seen holding placards with the inscription "Buhari Must Go."

During the course of the protest which was held on the highway, the youths did something that is likely to cause more harm than good to them and the society in general.

The youths were seen burning tyres on the highways, serving as a barrier to any incoming vehicle but unfortunately, they were doing harm to their immune systems.

(Photo Credit: Punch Newspapers)

Burning rubber creates noxious fumes and makes it difficult to put the fire out. When a tyre is set ablaze, it creates toxic fumes harmful to the lungs and also makes it difficult to put the fire out. A tyre can burn for several hours even after putting the fire out.

Also, when tyres are burned, they generate particulate matter or particle pollution, a complex mixture of extremely small particles and liquid droplets. Particle pollution is made up of a number of components, including acids, organic chemicals, metals or dust particles. This makes burning tyres extremely harmful to human health and the environment.

(Photo Credit: Punch Newspapers)

The youths protesting in Abuja may not be aware of the health hazard from burning tyres. Which is why they are causing more harm than good to themselves and the society.

Protesting for a better country is good, but putting your life on the line is risky and should be avoided.

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