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'Hunger', the nightmare in Nigeria which resulted to the death of peaceful protesters.

The 20th day of October, 2021 will mark the one year anniversary of the heroic death of the Nigeria youths who were peacefully protesting against the unjust maltreatment of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), towards their citizens especially the youths. The massacre of the protesting youths at Lekki, Lagos State resulted to chaos in virtually all the states in Nigeria as youths engaged into a conflict with the security agencies in Nigeria.

This crisis that took place last year can be traced down to one factor, and that is hunger.


Hunger does not only mean the inability to feed very well, but hunger is also likened to be the inability of being satisfied with the necessary supplements that makes life easier for living.

Every Nigeria citizen is hungry for one thing or the other because the escalation of corruption, economic downturn, insecurity, insufficient supply of social amenities has made life to be unbearable to the masses as both the rich and the poor ones in the country are all suffering.

Both the rich and the poor masses are all hungry to be witnesses of a better Nigeria. A better Nigeria and comfortable living, which the Nigeria leaders have deprived from all of its citizens. These hunger of good living, sufficient social amenities and the desire to be treated with equal right has given birth to many criminal activities such as agitations, criminals activities, insecurity, terrorism etc, which has made Nigeria to be a nightmare to its citizens.

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