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Say No to Jungle Justice: 4 Reasons Why the Government Should Put a Stop to Jungle Justice

Jungle justice is one activity still happening in some rural parts of the nation that baffles me a lot. I have come to realize that this activity has taken a lot of lives in our society and if not stopped, more people are likely to still loss their lives to the cold hands of death.

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Sometimes when you compare the crime committed by the victims to the punishment given to them (death), you will notice that jungle justice has done more harm than good in our society. Yes, I know it will reduce the crime rate but come to think about the lives that will be no more.

According to reports, a young boy has been burnt to death by some angry mob in Anambra. It was reported that this young boy got caught while he was trying to snatch a phone from a lady. After apprehending him, the angry mob burnt him alive.

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This has indeed caused a lot of reactions online and after thinking deeply ion this issue, I came up with 3 reasons why Jungle justice should be put to a stop.

Below are 2 Reasons Why the Government Should Put a Stop to Jungle Justice:

Wrong accusations: if jungle justice continues in our nation, I am sure a lot of innocent people will fall victim of this deadly act. Just imagine someone being burnt alive after being accused wrongly of stealing. The most surprising part about jungle justice is that those who carry out the act (jungle justice) do not even go into detailed or proper investigations before taking the life of the fellow (victim).

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Law Enforcement Agencies: it is very wrong for citizens to take the law into their hands. The Law Enforcement Agencies are the ones who should punish law offenders or violators and not the citizens of the nation. Law Enforcement Agencies are specialist in things like this and carry out detailed or proper investigations before finally placing judgement on the accused. With their techniques and knowledge in the law, it will be very hard punishing an innocent person.

The government is not the only one to fight against jungle justice. We as citizens of the nation, we also have a very important role to play in this fight. Nothing justifies you taking the life of another. Let us all join hands in the fight against jungle justice. Thank you for your time.

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