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11 Words Lawyers Use in The Courtroom And Their Meanings

Anything could take you to the courtroom, whether as a witness, or a party in a suit. You may also have situations where you’re having intellectual conversations and you don’t want to feel left out, and surfing the internet for the meanings of certain words may make you miss out on a lot that is being said. In this article, we would examine 20 vocabularies that lawyers use very often in the courtroom. The Black’s Law Dictionary defines some of them as follows:

1. Claimant: This is a person who declares that he or she has a right or demand. In most cases such right is in property interest in land, chattels or tangible things

2. Defendant: This is a person that is sued in a civil proceeding, or is accused of committing an offence in a criminal proceeding.

3. Plaintiff: This is the party who brings a civil suit in a court of law

4. Adjournment: This is the act of putting off a court session until another date or time

5. Acquittal: This is the legal certification usually by a judge’s verdict that an accused person is not guilty of the offence charged against him.

6. Sentence: The judgment that a court formally pronounces after finding a criminal defendant guilty. It could also mean the punishment imposed on a criminal wrongdoer. E.g a sentence of 20 years in prison.

7. Dock: In a criminal court, this is an enclosure where the accused person is placed during trial.

8. Witness: This is a person who gives testimony in court under oath that he saw or experienced an event.

9. Contempt: This refers to a conduct that defies the authority or dignity of a court or legislature.

10. Prosecutor: This is a legal officer that represents the state or Federal Government in Criminal Proceedings.

11. Plea: This is an accused person’s formal response of ‘guilty’ or ‘not guilty’ to a criminal charge against him.

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