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5 Claims Abba Kyari Made in His Reaction to Hushpuppi's Indictment.

The Inspector General of Police's Intelligence Response Team and Deputy Commissioner of Police,Abba Kyari has reacted to the allegations by Ramon Olorunwa Abbas AKA Hushpuppi,who recently pleaded guilty to the charges of money laundering,hacking, scamming,banking fraud and identity theft levelled against him by the US Court.

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The documents presented before the US Court revealed that the notorious Fraudster and Instagram Celebrity reportedly bribed then DCP Kyari to the tune of 1.1M USD to help him incarcerate a fellow colleague in crime.

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An allegation of this magnitude against a member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police(IACP) is not something to be swept under the carpet. The name Abba Kyari came into limelight after his famous arrest of the kidnap Kingpin,Evans on 17 June,2017. He however became famous during the ENDSARS protest in 2020.

The recent indictment by Hushpuppi threatens to throw the prestigious reputation the well decorated police officer has garnered over the years into the mud. Let's hope that the Police chief has enough evidence to exonerate him from this serious allegation.

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Abba Kyari has finally come out to defend himself by issuing a statement to refute the allegations,claiming that his 'hands are clean'.

Firstly,he claims knowing Hushpuppi when the later put a call through to him,reporting a certain Kelly Vincent Chibuzo who was a threat to his family. He said," One Abbas who we later came to Know as Hushpuppi called our office about two years ago that somebody in Nigeria threatened to kill his family". His report had prompted them to take action.

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Secondly, they arrested the culprit through the number sent by Ramon Abbas. However, they later discovered that he was innocent. They discovered that there was no threat to anybody's life and his grievance was personal-related to money issues. After the discovery, the suspect was released on bail and was never taken to jail.

He also stated as a matter of fact that he did not collect a dime from Abbas. Being their primary obligation to protect lives,they had acted upon a distress call by a citizen. He said their focus was to protect the life of anyone purportedly in danger.

Fourthly, that Hushpuppi went through his social media page,saw his attire and decided to get himself the same style of outfit. He was connected to the fashion designer after which he sent 300k directly into the designers account. The package was delivered to his office and Hushpuppi sent someone to get them.

Lastly,he reiterated that no one collected any money from Hushpuppi and that 'their hands are clean'. He promised that those celebrating their 'big money' indictment will be disappointed. He asked all the good Nigerians who appreciate their service not to worry since their integrity is not at stake.

Some things are not adding up but for now,Abba Kyari is innocent until proven guilty. The intelligent police officer has given a lead when he said "Vincent is alive,he can be contacted". Let's hope Vincent put this matter to rest.

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