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2 Times Igbo Youths Have Drawn The Attention Of People To The Condition Of 2 Roads In Imo (PHOTOS)

In several countries across the world, when those governed by the Custodians of Power (Politicians) feel disillusioned over any action the government refuse to take, they would either revolt, protest or engage in a peaceful dialogue. But, what if any of these things cannot be done by the citizens? What other measures can they take? Well, this question is clearly answered in what some Igbo youths did lately. When people came across what they did, it occured to them that this is the second time the Igbo youths will be doing such. In two (2) different times, some Igbo youths drew the attention of people to the condition of two (2) roads in Imo state. In this article, we shall be considering when these two times were and the roads shall be mentioned too.

The first time the Igbo Youths drew the attention of many Nigerians to the condition of a road in imo state was weeks ago. Two alleged couple shared pictures of themselves eating and fishing on a road located at Ohi orogwe part of Owerri, imo state.

The second time the Igbo Youths have drawn the attention of people to the condition of some roads in imo state was yesterday. Through pictures showing men cooking and crying with a seemingly dead man, the Igbo youths made people aware of how dilapidated the road. This display was done on a road named Nekede-Ihaigwa in imo state.

Photos' Credits: Facebook & Linda Ikeji's blog.

As it stands, it appears that when Politicians assume office, having a close conversation with them appear uneasy. This is apparently because there are protocols or due processes to be taken before one reaches them. Well, this hard nut has been cracked through the invention of social media. This was why the Igbo youths were able to pass across the conditions of two roads in their state to the needful authorities. Esteemed Readers, what are your thoughts concerning this?

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