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Check Out The Reason Behind Umeledi Residents Protesting With Coffin

The people leaving in Umeledi in old Umuahia, Abia state has been spotted protesting with a coffin on the street.

The residents has been complaining about high electricity issued to them by the EEDC, but there seems to be no change.

So they decided to Protest on Tuesday, but shockingly they protested with a coffin.

EEDC rest in peace was boldly written on the coffin. They were chanting war songs as they marched around Afo Ibeji Market in Old Umuahia.

Chief Amaechi Stanley who led the protest said EEDC had made life unbearable for the residents.

He said they were paying thirty-six THOUSAND NAIRA instead of FOUR THOUSAND NAIRA.

This has made life unbearably for the locals,he also said they have complained but instead of relieving them of their burdens they kept mute.

But since then they have kept bringing  N36,000 as bill per household every month. We are tired of this burden, and we want the government to come to our rescue.

Chief Amaechi Stanley also said "we hope this protest call the attention of the government ,"

He said "this protest wasn't to hurt anybody its a peaceful protest.and we hope they attend to our demands as soon as possible"

He said the government should please come to their aid as soon as possible,because this huge electricity bill has become a burden to the residents of Umeledi community.

God bless Nigeria

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