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When Buying Land, Don't Use The Same Lawyer With The Other Party Except In These 5 Situations

In land or property transactions, there are usually two parties, and when these parties decide to employ the services of a legal practitioner, they are doing so because they want their individual interests to be protected. Land transactions could be quite intricate, and having to rely on the same lawyer to serve the interests of both parties may make it quite difficult for either of them to be fairly represented.

There are however certain situations where it can be advisable to use the same solicitor or legal practitioner. They are:

1. Where the parties agree to such an arrangement:

If both the buyer and the seller of a property agree to use the same lawyer while knowing the full implication of their decision, they are allowed to do so.

2. Where the consideration for the property is low:

Consideration refers to the amount or value the seller has given the buyer for the property. Where the price is not so high, the parties can decide to use the same lawyer so as to save themselves the cost of soliciting the services of another one

3. Where there is no likelihood for any conflict of interest:

In a situation where the parties have each other's best interest at heart and have no intention of sabotaging the other person, then they can be advised to use the same solicitor. For instance, where a father sells a property to his son or daughter, they can decide to use the same lawyer.

4. Where there are no other solicitors within the vicinity whom the client can reasonably be expected to consult:

If the environment where the land is located is a very rural one, and has a sparse number of lawyers in that area, then the buyer and seller can decide to use the same one to save themselves from the stress of having to find another in a neighbouring town or city.

5. Where the parties are established associated companies.

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