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Read What Kogi Police Allegedly Did To 2 Nigerians Who Were Protesting For Buhari-Must-Go

As you can see, Many Nigerians have been protesting for president Buhari-Must-Go's protest after he traveled abroad for his routine checkup. Many Nigerians are not happy with how he left the country in poor hands and went to treat himself. Many people have been protesting against the president's administration both in abroad and in the country, Nigeria. But something happened to two men who were protesting at Lokoja.

According to reports, The two suspects, Larry Emmanuel and Victor Udoka were apprehended by Kogi police after they were caught protesting for bad Governance and for the president to go. The Kogi's state police did not bring Victor and Larry to Court, Instead, they were remanded in Kaba Prison. None of them were given access to their family members and phones.

At the time of this report, None of the magistrates in the country have heard from the two prisoners that were caught by the Kogi state police. We pray that nothing should happen to each of them and justice should be served.

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