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Remembering The Woman Activist Who Singlehandedly Chased An Oba Out Of His Palace To Exile

Nigeria as a country is blessed with strong women that have made the country proud in different aspects that in years to come, history will always remember them. Bringing us to the fact that today we are remembering this strong and courageous woman activist that singlehandedly chased an oba out of his palace.

Mrs. Funmilayo Ransome Kuti, the mother Afro beat Legend Fala Kuti. She is known as the Lioness of Lisabi, she is a woman that singlehandedly chased an Oba out of his palace to exile. According to report from Vanguard, it was made known that: Funmilayo Kuti along side some women, held a protest and campaigned vigorously against high taxes and price control.

During the protest, the “Oro” stick was brought out, a stick imbibed with great powers, and the women were asked to go back home, but been a woman full with courage and confidence, took the stick without fear and waved it. And her action made other women about 20,000 to join in the protest. And they followed her to the home of Alake of Egba land (Alake Ademola). And they sang in Yoruba.

With the unified action and song the women sang along said Funmilayo Ransome Kuti, they chased him out of the Palace, condemning him to exile on the threat of castration and this resulted in the king’s abdication. See source

Based on the story of the woman activist who singlehandedly chased an Oba out of his palace, to exile, what do you think? 

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