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Check Out These 16 Funny Pictures About Nigerian Police That Will Make You Laugh

It's been all over the news the chaos going on in police stations and prisons in some parts of the country. While we praise our uniformed men and women who put their lives on the line for our safety, it's no denying that some of them have some terrible attitudes that cause Nigerians pain. In fact, it caused a nationwide protest late last year.

There are a lot of funny situations that only Nigerian police officers can get into. Honestly! In celebration of those funny situations, seat back and enjoy these funny pictures of Nigerian police officers.

I don't understand. They call the police "law enforcement officers" because they make sure we obey the law right? What's happening here?

Wow! Can someone please tell me: what is the minimum educational qualification required to join the police force?

We cannot have funny police pictures without having this legendary picture. Everyone, witness the legendary handshake.

This legend is taking this handshake to another level! He deserves an award.

If such a thing has happened to you, please describe your experience in the comments.

Ok... What's happening here?

And here too! Just look at the eyes of that man!

They've been overworked. It's not their fault.

Him too.

Ah! What could have caused this? Can we give our funny speculations in the comments?

Poor man. I pity him. He will never leave the same way again.

I don't know about you, but this just made me feel bad.

The ironic thing is the fact that on their vehicle, the words "robust response" can be seen painted.

Isn't there any avenue for physical exercise and training for police officers? How do you expect this one to chase criminals?

That's it everyone. Which one was the funniest for you? Which one was the truest?

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