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Nnmadi Kanu Trail: Lessons Nigerians Should Learn As UK Govt Warns Its Citizens In Abuja, Southeast

On Thursday, October 21, the Nigerian government planned to prosecute the leader of the outlawed group of Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, for alleged serious wrongdoing by the Nigerian government. Therefore, the United Kingdom government has sent a warning letter to the residents of the country in the southeast, Abuja regions of Nigeria.

According to the Daily Post, the UK has advised residents of the country in Nigeria to refrain from joining any group of protesters in order to protect themselves from the challenge of protest. The country said this was due to a tragic incident that occurred last year when Nigerians staged a protest against the Special Anti Robbery Squad, SARS. The UK also predicted a possible protest during the Kanu trial.

Part of the advisory read: “Since 9 August, there has been an increase in protests and demonstrations in the South East region of Nigeria. Protests, including the “Stay at Home” protests, are likely during October in the South East region. There have been reports of violence during Stay at Home protests previously. You should monitor local media, avoid any demonstrations or large gatherings, and follow any instructions from local police and security forces. "

The letter added, “In parallel, the high-profile trial date of a separatist leader is also scheduled for 21 October in Abuja. There may be additional protests and a heightened security presence in Abuja and the South East for this reason. In all affected areas, ensure to monitor local media, and avoid any demonstrations or large gatherings."

Lessons Nigerians should learn from UK warning letter

First of all, the first lesson Nigerian should learn is to be obedient to government orders because if we look at the UK letter, we will understand that the country has done the right thing for its citizens because the country tries to protect its citizens from any event that will lead to shattering of their happiness which may lead to their ejection from this country.

(Nigerians In London. Photo credit: Facebook.)

Furthermore, it should be denied that wherever we find ourselves in the international arena, participating in protests is not ours because we didn't know the purpose of the imposed protest. Perhaps it could be the goal of political, religious, or one-man needs. So, if we go in, there will be nothing to benefit in the end but sadness.

Regarding the protest in commemoration of the one year anniversary of ENDSARS, we will understand that this is unnecessary because the needs of the protesters against SARS are complete. So the protesters are expected to face the wrath of security forces if they do anything against the law.

(Blended Photo of Nnamdi Kanu, Nigerians, and UK Flag.)

What are your thoughts on UK government warnings? You can share your reviews concerning this in the comment section below.

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