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Parade protest


Benue youths protests online with hash tag ‘Let my people go’

The Benue youths have taken to facebook in protest of the long overdue camping of IDPs with below standard care of same by the state government.

The protest which is aimed at peacefully requesting the government of the state to look into and take immediate action of relocating or rather returning the masses camped and allowed to surfer in the IDP camps was slated for today as announced by Krayzietee Atu, one name that is known all over the IDP camps due to his frequent humanitarian visits and gestures to the people in those camps.


Imagine the raining season with people living here as their homes. Imagine the cold. Imagine the erosion. Imagine the frustration at night.



It is no longer news to people of the state that these people are not taken care of as they ought to have. It has being up to kind hearted individuals and organizations to give life and show love to them in such camps.

It is today a cry of the Benue populace to see their fellow people leave the camp and return to their homes and regular/normal activities.

Enough is enough! The people leaving in the camp have blood running in their vessels too. They deserve more and should be given just that.



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