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PRAYER: Lord, Help Me Not To Fall Into Thesame Sin You Have Already Forgiven Me

An advocate is a lawyer who presents his client's case in a law court and does all within his reach to defend his client. In some cases, the client might be wrong. but as his advocate, he tries and applies every legal skill to make propitiation for him. He ensures his client is set free at last.

A good example is a case the Hospital and Prison Department handled recently. A young man had had a long time recurring mental case that anytime it came. he would do many stupid things. So in one of those occasions, he took a knife and chopped off his father's head. He was arrested and detained by the police and later taken to court. After the judgment, he was sentenced to death. The Hospital and Prison Ministry, in one of their visits to the prison, was told the story and they prayed for his deliverance, led him to Christ and stepped in for the young man and appealed to the court on his behalf. The young man committed this crime, yes. The Ministry is not arguing that he is guiltless, no, but that the judgment be tampered with mercy.

That is exactly what the Lord Jesus does for us. Just as a lawyer defends his client. just as the Hospital and Prison Ministry stepped in for this young man against his accusers, ever so is our Lord Jesus currently in heaven defending believers against the constant accusations of the accuser of the saints (the devil) and pleading our cause before God. It might be true we sinned but by His blood we are forgiven. So while the devil is busy accusing us as he accused Job before God, Jesus is there interceding on our behalf.

His advocacy is the reason we should no longer feel guilty. We should rather walk out in boldness, enjoying the fullness of His daily blessings.

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