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See why Keke Riders staged a protest in Bauchi state

The Keke riders in Bauchi state have staged a protest, blocking the entrance to the palace of the emir of Bauchi state. This is in regards to money forcefully taken from them by authorities and the ill treatments meted out to them by those in charge of their unit sent by state government and so they stated that they won't tolerate any of such treatments again.

Thereafter it was gathered that due to this protest, it resulted in people being stranded on their way to their work place and school.

According to reports, these tricycles (Keke) were given to the protesters to help their lives as a means of survival due to the ban placed on motorcycle riding and to equally ease movement of people through and fro the town.

The Keke riders who went on this protest were seen singing songs in accordance with their reason of protest, saying that the ill treatments, forceful and endless extortions from the authorities must stop. It was gathered that they did this by blocking major roads so as to be heard.

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Bauchi Keke Keke Riders


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