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4 Common Crimes in Nigeria And Their Punishments.

The crime rate in Nigeria grows by the day. From petty stealing in the market, to robbing of banks, kidnapping, and even murder, hardly does one feel safe going out of their homes.In this article, we would be examining four criminal offences that are rampant in our society today. They include:

1. Fraud:

Otherwise known as 419 and yahoo yahoo, this has to be the most popular of all the crimes in Nigeria. Section 419 of the Criminal Code provides for the offence of fraud. It states that any person who by false pretence and with an intent to defraud steals from another person, or makes another person deliver anything capable of being stolen to him/her is guilty of an offence.

The punishment for this offence is an imprisonment for three years. However, if the thing stolen is above the value of one thousand naira, such imprisonment would be for seven years.

2. Kidnapping:

Where a person takes another person and imprisons him, outside or within Nigeria in a manner as to deprive him from applying to a court for his release, or to prevent him from having access to others, it is deemed to be an offence.

Section 364 of the Criminal Code prescribes that the punishment for this offence is an imprisonment for a period of 10 years.

3. Rape:

Section 357 of the Criminal Code defines rape as the unlawful carnal knowledge of any woman or girl without her consent, and with her consent if it is obtained by fraud, threat, intimidation or misrepresentation.

Any person found guilty of this offence will be liable to an imprisonment for life.

4. Murder/Manslaughter:

Section 315 of the Criminal Code provides that any person who unlawfully kills another is guilty of the offence of murder or manslaughter according to the circumstances of the case.

Any person who commits murder will be sentenced to death. However, a person who commits manslaughter will be imprisoned for life.

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