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Engaging in any of these 7 immoral acts can make you go to prison.

Moral wrongs are distinct and separate from criminal offences. However, there are certain times the lines between the duo would get blurred, and certain acts that are considered immoral would attract criminal punishments. Sections 214 - 221 of the Criminal Code enumerates some of these acts. They include:

1. Sexual intercourse with animals, people of the same sex, or any type of unnatural sexual act is considered to be a felony. Any person who engages in such would be liable to an imprisonment of 14 years.

2. Any attempt to commit any unnatural offence listed in No(1) above is also considered a felony. The person who attempts to commit any of these acts would be liable to 7 years imprisonment.

3. Any indecent act that is done without consent to a boy under the age of fourteen, which would ordinarily be regarded as an assault is considered to be a felony. The perpetrator would be liable to imprisonment for seven years.

4. Any indecent act that is done between males whether in public or private is considered a felony. It attracts imprisonment of 3 years.

5. Any person that has unlawful carnal knowledge of a girl under the age of 13 years would be guilty of a felony and liable to imprisonment for life, with or without caning.

6. Any owner of a house who allows the defilement of young girls in his house in whatsoever manner would be considered guilty of an offence.

a. If the girl in question is above 13 and under 16 years, he would be liable to 2 years imprisonment.

b. If the girl is under the age of 13, he would be liable to imprisonment for life.

7. Any person that has or attempts to have unlawful carnal knowledge of an idiot or imbecile would be liable to an imprisonment of 2 years.

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