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Supreme Court Building In Nigeria Vs Supreme Court Building In 15 Other Countries, See Photos

Almost every country in the world has a supreme court and I believe most of us are very familiar with the Supreme Court we have here in Nigeria but I'll like to show us how the supreme court in 15 other countries look like. Photos of how incredible their buildings are will be shared below.

Before we get to that, I'll like to talk about what a supreme court is and what it stands for in a country

The highest court within the hierarchy of courts in a country is called the supreme court. It can also be called high court of appeal, Apex court or last resort. A decision made by a supreme court is not subject to further review by any other court as such a court always have the final say.

However not all countries call their highest court a supreme court. A country like Australia called it's highest court a High Court.

Some countries have several supreme courts which includes a federal court and a supreme court for each member state.

Let's now talk a little about the supreme court in Nigeria

The supreme Court of Nigeria like every other supreme court in other countries, has original jurisdiction in any dispute between the federation and a state or also in between states. The court presently consists of the Chief Justice of Nigeria Mr. Justice I. T. Muhammad, CFR and 17 other justices.

Supreme Court Building in Nigeria

Below are Supreme Court Building in 15 other countries. Indeed such buildings are magnificent

1) Ghana

2) Dubai

They have 2 supreme court; Federal and Union supreme courts

3) United States of America

4) Canada

5) India

6) Vietnam

7) United Kingdom

8) Egypt

9) Russia

10) Uganda

11) Isreal

12) South Africa

13) Kenya

14) Australia

15) Switzerland

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Apex Australia Court of Nigeria High Court Supreme Court


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