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Can A Landlord Enter Into A House After Rent Has Been Paid? Read What The Law Says About Tenancy

There are a lot of situations where after a tenant has paid his rent, his landlord will find reason to enter into such rented property even at the oddest times of the day with or without the consent of the tenant. In this article, we would examine the provisions of the law regarding actions like this.

Under the Tenancy Laws, one right every tenant has when he has entered into a tenancy agreement with his landlord is the right to peaceful enjoyment of the property. After rent has been paid to the landlord, such tenant has exclusive right to live in that premises and should not be disturbed under any circumstances either by the landlord or other persons.

The right to peaceful enjoyment of the property is both legal and equitable. It is legal because the title such tenant holds by virtue of the tenancy agreement supercedes that of the landlord himself. This, where the landlord enters such property without the permission of the tenant, he will be held guilty of trespass, and can be sued accordingly.

However, there are certain situations where the landlord of the property would be allowed access. Since the landlord still remains the owner of the property, he is allowed to supervise and maintain such property in general. This must be done with the knowledge of the tenant and within reasonable hours of the day.

Once a landlord rents out his property, he also rents out his supreme powers over that property, although he still reserves the right to take back the property after the expiration of the tenancy. A tenant therefore is not supposed to live in fear or tolerate hardships from his landlord as he maintains an interest in such property by virtue of the tenancy agreement.

It should be noted that where a landlord has complied with the law by letting a tenant know of his intention to effect repairs on the property, and also does so within reasonable hours of the day, such tenant is expected to allow him entry.

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