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[VIDEO] See What London Police Did Yesterday, As Anti-Buhari And Pro-Buhari Protesters Face Off

The London police showed their expertise yesterday as they prevented Buhari's Protesters (Anti-Buhari and Pro-Buhari) from a 'possible' clash as they face off opposite each other at the Abuja house in London.

The president of the federal republic of Nigeria is currently on a medical trip and his excellency will reportedly be in the United Kingdom for about 4 weeks. The president left the country on the last day of March (31st of March, 2021) and is expected back to the country after he finished with his medical check up.

Recall that some hours after the president left Nigeria for the United Kingdom, some people and members of the public started a protest to Harass the president out of London in United Kingdom.

The Anti Buhari protesters gathered at the gate of the Abuja house in London to protest the return of the president and chief of Armed forces back to the country, not long after this started, the Pro-Buhari protesters also gathered at the Abuja house to chant in favour of the president.

Yesterday, both protesters met at the front of Abuja house in the United Kingdom and they face off opposite each other, the London police were the hero of the day as they display their expertise by standing in between the two protesters to prevent them getting emotional and engaging in a physical brawl or clash.


Some screenshots of comments and reactions are shared below.

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