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EndSARS: The Protest Could Have Changed Nigeria But Too Many Lies Were Told

On that fateful day, too many lies were told. The protests could have changed the country, but before that day, the protests had acquired dubious political objectives. Those who lost elections one year earlier didn't really want SARS to end, they wanted the ruling party's mandate truncated. The Government wasn't altogether innocent and efficient.

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The use of anti protest thugs was criminal. The use of soldiers on the toll gate was an over kill because EndSARS project was a noble cause, until it became contaminated by political opportunism, when they refused to choose leaders. They accepted the rule of the mob, power intoxicates. They forgot that power without responsibility maddens.

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So they shut Lekki toll gate without regards to the human suffering and all the while, guys assembled at the gate, smoked ganja and frolicked. So many took part patriotically, to salvage the country. But too many lies where told. And when snakes crept in and ordered arson and murders, nobody called them out. Everything became poisoned. By the time the lies of death count at the toll gate were told, the gates of hell were already breaking loose.

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And while cities erupted and hoodlumism spread, the leaders of the protest washed off their hands and vacationed to nice beaches abroad. Till today Lagos suffers. Desperadoes, chameleons, snakes, secessionists, enforcers, crude security handling etc., all messed it up. Many would have wished EndSARS had lived till this day and fulfilled its true purpose as they missed a golden opportunity to effect change in Nigeria. The imaginary victims of Lekki toll gate and the lies that follows suit was what cause the carnage and destruction that engulfed and inflamed Lagos and most part of Nigeria.

Nigeria is still suffering from the consequences of those lies. Prisons were broken, Security Personnel (both men and women) killed and police station raided and weapon carted and handed to harden criminals released from the broken prisons and same criminals were drafted with their weapons into banditry, kidnapping, robbery and ESN and are rechristened as Unknown Gun Men.

Now they are ravaging and causing havoc across Nigeria, markets, shops and banks looted, ATM machines destroyed and money carted away. So much lawlessness and anarchy ensued. It was an absolute free for all. People are yet to recover from all the melee, from job losses to the number of businesses looted, properties (both public and private) burnt and destroyed. Most importantly the number of lives lost. It is really painful.

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