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When They Tell You To Go To Court, It Means That The Court Is In Their Pockets- Ikenna Modebelu

Chief advocate of South East Leadership and Development Initiative (SELDI), Ikenna Modebelu, expressed his views in an interview regarding the widespread use of the phrase "Seek legal recourse" following the 2023 presidential election in Nigeria.

Modebelu emphasized that when individuals urge you to go to court, it implies that they have influence over the judicial system.

He further bemoaned the fact that certain individuals engage in fraudulent activities and then encourage others to pursue legal action.

This statement was made in response to a question posed by the Sun Newspaper, which inquired about the growing doubt surrounding whether the judiciary still represents the common person. Modebelu's reaction was as follows:

"In the realm of Nigerian politics, 'seek legal recourse' has emerged as a novel catchphrase. From the perspective of Nigerians, this phrase symbolizes both the beginning and the end of impunity. It signifies that a faction of Nigerians no longer harbors fear of court proceedings and rulings. Consequently, when someone advises you to 'seek legal recourse,' it implies that they possess undue influence over the court. Otherwise, why would an individual commit fraud and then urge you to take the matter to court?"

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