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How Chiwetalu Agu's Separatist Comment Could Serve As Evidence Linking Him To IPOB

Popular Nollywood actor, Chiwetalu Agu, has reportedly made a statement supporting the secession of the Igbo people from Nigeria. Recall that he was previously arrested some time ago by military operatives at Onitcha, Anambra state and was later handed over to the DSS. This was done on suspicion of his membership of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

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The arrest was made on account of the cloth Chiwetalu Agu wore at the time, which bore a strong resemblance to the Biafran flag, complete with half of a yellow sun. His arrest was justified by section 65 of the Criminal Code, which prohibits the wearing of items of clothing belonging to proscribed groups. Under the law, the actor was presumed to be a member of IPOB.

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In his defence, Chiwetalu Agu argued that what he wore that day was not a symbol of IPOB or Biafra, but was "the rising sun" as propagated by Ojukwu. As fate would have it, upon being searched by the DSS, no incriminating link was found between him and the proscribed group, IPOB, and he was released.

Photo credit: Daily Post.

It is for this reason that it was an unwise move for Chiwetalu Agu to, upon his release, speak in favour of Igbo secession from Nigeria. As we all know, such a line of thought is associated with IPOB, along with the attendant acts of terrorism allegedly being perpetrated by its members in furtherance of that goal. The actor said that it is better for Nigeria to split up, as Igbo people have been marginalised and the government has done nothing for them. 

Photos credit: Daily Post, Premium Times Opinion.

As aforementioned, the DSS released Chiwetalu Agu from its custody after no evidence of his association with IPOB could be established. However, now that he has shown himself to be in support of the same aims and objectives of the proscribed group, his words can be used as evidence against him, should the DSS choose to seek him out again. 

What do you think about this article? Is Chiwetalu Agu's argument supportive of IPOB's agenda? Tell us your opinion in the comments section below. 

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