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Video: Black Man Got Punched Several Times On The Face By A White Cop

Just when you thought the police brutality would stop, suddenly another one springs up again. Police brutality against citizens of any nation, has always led to a breakdown of law and order in the society, people taking laws into their hands as a result of the protests that break out due to the police brutality. America, during the coronavirus pandemic witnessed the biggest protest ever, due to the police brutality that led to the life of a man known as George Floyd been taken.Also, in various parts of the world protests went on as result of this man's death, many people were angered as to how a Police officer, could knee right on the neck of a human being.

In a trending video I came across today April 20,2021 showed a black man surrounded by white police officers, they alleged that the police were called when they saw the black man, whom they alleged was constituting nuisance and not long after the call a team of policemen arrived. While asking the man to surrender, initially he obeyed but when they noticed he was being rigid, they had to wrestle him to the ground.

It was at this time, he was been wrestled to the ground, that one of the officers began punching him on the face, he had his eye glasses on, the eye glasses got broken after they had succeeded in putting the handcuffs on his hand. My take on this is, why was he resisting arrest, knowing how brutal the police has become.

However, reactions and comments trail the video and here's what some netizens had to say. The incident was reported to have happened at Jefferson Square United States of America. See the comments and reactions in screenshots

Watch the video here

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