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Opinion: As Another Protest Looms, All Nigerians Living In London Should Take Note Of These 2 Things

Since the day President Buhari traveled to London for a medical reason, Nigeria living in the country has been protesting against his stay and calling for him to go back to Nigeria. Series of drama had unfolded at the Abuja House hospital where he is staying, almost every day scores of people always occupy the environment with placards, chanting Buhari should leave the country and develop Nigerians hospitals to the standard of other hospitals in foreign countries.

A few minutes ago, one of the Nigerian activists known as Omoyele Sowore raised alarm again, urging Nigerians in London to massively occupy the Abuja house again on the 17th & 18th of this month.

My own opinion is that all Nigerians living in London should take note of these 2 things before joining the protest.

1. They should be should conscious of their safety because many incidents usually occur on protest ground: During a protest, anything can happen because some people that are against the protest may mobilize some hoodlums to go and cause violence on the protest ground, which may result in loss of life and injuries among the protesters.

2. They should know that protest is not the best way to solve an issue: Protest sometimes helps but not the best way to approach a prominent person and get something from him or her. Instead of protesting, they should seek for a personal meeting with President Buhari and list out the problems to him.

What do you have to say about this article, should they go ahead with the protest or not? Say your thought in the comment box and don't forget to like and follow me for more updates.

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