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Opinion: Why The Mode Of EndSARS Memorial Protest By Falz, Mr Macaroni And Others Is A Good Idea

October 20th, 2020 would continue to be a day that would live on in the minds of many Nigerians. According to many Nigerians, this was the day the Nigerian military allegedly fire bullets at its Citizens. It was considered a bloody day by many Nigerians and today makes it a year that this incident occurs.

Today, 20th Of October 2021, many Nigerians has took to Lekki Toll Gate for remembrance of some Nigerians who allegedly lost their lives to the sporadic shooting on the same date last year. With Falz and Mr Macaroni leading the procession, they made a wise move that would surely guarantee the safety of the lives of many Nigerians.

Why the mode of the memorial would guarantee and protect them;

The Mode of today's protest is to stay in the car and protest while remembering the death of those who were allegedly killed in Lekki Toll Gate by the Nigerian Army. This mode of protest would guarantee their safety from any harassment either from the police or from thugs as they can easily run away from the scene when anything happens. It would also save them from being unnecessarily arrested by the police.

Last year, many protested under the hot sun which is bad for their health. The use of cars this time nullifies that issue and makes everything even easier. Also, having many people on the road would cause another problem like Roadblocks, heavy gridlock which wouldn't sit right with the Nigerian police force but with the use of cars touring around the Toll Gate and Lekki would make the protest easy and coordinated.

It's a well-planned protest by the organisers and it is fair to say they made the right choice to protest with cars instead of using legs for protesting. Protesting this way would make it easy, protect their health, lives.

October 20th would remain a day to be remembered in Nigeria because that day caused civil unrest in the whole country.

Content created and supplied by: AdeotiZeez (via Opera News )

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