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How The Incident At Abia State Polytechnic Revealed A Major Issue In Nigeria

Recently the students of Abia State Polytechnic took to the streets of their institution to have a peaceful protest against the issues of raping female students and non-accreditation of the civil engineering department in the institution, it seemingly started peacefully, the students were protesting at the gate of the institution, trying to fight for their human rights, tragically though it didn't end well, as evident by some videos I saw on social media, the policemen, who are supposed to protect the students and civilians in that area, opened fire on the students who were just having a peaceful, it's not clear if there were any casualties as students were seen frantically running for their lives.

I would like to point out how this incidence portrays a major problem that we have in Nigeria, this problem comes from law enforcement, and most Nigerians will testify to have been a victim of this at one time or another. In Nigeria, law enforcement uses its authority to bully citizens.

I have been a victim of this, when I was younger I wore camouflage shorts when I went out to buy some medicine for my father, then I didn't know that the Nigerian Army consider it an offense for a civilian to wear something that is a part of their uniform, unfortunately, I ran into two soldiers who both wore camouflage trousers, after asking me some questions and abusing me verbally, they made me jump like a frog for about fourty times and told me to never wear camouflage outfits again before letting me go.

People told me that I was lucky that they only made me jump, telling me of worse stories, like them flogging other people or making them remove the camo outfits they have on, and letting them go only with the rest of the clothing they have on, and from what I've seen since then, I must agree with them.

You have probably also seen the video of the female youth corps member being bathed with a dirty liquid by a female soldier, that's too bad because these people are supposed to protect citizens and maintain the order and security in the nation, not harm the citizens.

I don't know what else we the citizens can do apart from protest peacefully against this. Do you have any ideas? Please let me know in the comments section. Please follow and share.

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