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8 Healthy Benefits of The Garden Egg And Its Leaf

The garden egg is a vegetable mostly cultivated in the Northern part of Nigeria and the East

It is called afufa or anyara by the Igbo speaking tribe and it's called Obe-Igba by the Yorubas.

The Garden Egg is a vegetable with good nutrients that help keep the body fit and healthy.

The Garden Egg is very much valued and Respected through out most African communities and that is why it being served and used in spicing small chop delicacies also served in wedding ceremonies and cultural festivals in Africa.

Amazing benefits of Garden Egg to the body.

Helps Keep Your Bones Strong :

The garden egg contains vitamin c and vitamin K which are responsible for making your bones grow stronger and faster.

Regularly and not excessive intake of the garden egg mean you bones would grow strong

Helps In Digestion.

The garden egg contains fibres that helps in the digestion of food and helps with the bowel movement and prevents constipation.

Prevents Diabetes

The garden egg is made up of fibers and carbohydrates which help regulate the amount of Sugar and glucose in the body as such helps prevent any occurrence of Diabetes .

Helps Prevent Anemia ..

Garden egg and its leaves contains a good amount of iron which is helps in the production of red blood cells needed for the smooth and strong body fitness as there is Adequate movement of blood from the heart to different parts of the body

Helps prevent Heart Diseases

Due to the adequate amount of blood pumped and circulated as a result of the presence of Iron and other red blood cell components ,the heart functions at an Optimum level and prevents the chances of any heart disease.

Helps in Weight Loss :

Due to the greenish and fibrous nature of the garden egg, regularly intake of it by overweight individuals can result to weight loss . Vegetables such as the garden egg contain less calories need for weight gain .

Good for Pregnant or Lactating Women.

The Garden egg contains vitamins, minerals and nutrients necessary for good health and wellness of both the Woman and her child as it provides nutrients that nourishes the body

It Contains Vitamin B.

The body can't not function properly without the presence of Vitamin B.

The garden contains a good amount of vitamin B necessary for the proper building and functioning of the brain both physically and mentally and it also helps give the immune system a health boost.

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