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"I Came Home To My House help Wearing My Wig While Cleaning" - Lady

A lady has taken to her twitter page to reveal something about her househelp that has caused a lot of reactions from a lot of people.

The twitter user who goes by the name, Loki, took to her page to state that her househelp is giving her problems in the house. This was when she stated on of the issues with her househelp that sparked a lot of reactions. The twitter user revealed that she came home, only to meet her househelp putting on her wig while she (the househelp) was cleaning. The twitter user wrote:

"My housekeeper is giving me issues. Came home to her wearing my wig while cleaning."

However, this post from the twitter user caused a lot of mixed reactions from people. It ended up becoming a debate as people reacted supporting and opposing the househelp's action. A lot of people were airing their different views on the issue; some people didn't see anything wrong with what the househelp did, while some people were really against the househelp wearing her Madam's wig. See some of their reactions below.

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