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Ebira Festival Culture of Eche-ane (Women Festival) Celebration in Kogi State of Nigeria 2021

Eche-ane simply means women festival but men run the celebrating activities. It is an annual masquerade festival celebration in Ebira land, Kogi State. The celebration normally occurred between April and June of every year and this year celebration is still on. As you continue to scroll down you will see more Ebira masquerade pictures.

It's every fund to watch. In the past, it was only during the period of the festival that mature young ladies were given away in marriage to their suitors. This is why the festival is called 'Eche-ane' (Women Festival) and this annual masquerade festival celebrated in rotation from one district to the other in Ebira land.

Despite the coronavirus, the celebration has been colourful amazing and peaceful. Eche-Ane is basically characterised by the outing of masquerades (Eku) with their long cane to entertain people in their various communities and also receive gifts from guests.

The outing of the masquerades are base on clan, the celebration is always started by Okehi (Ihima) follow by Okene and Adavi. During this celebration all Ebira people who live in other States of Nigeria will have to travel back to Ebira land to celebrate the festival. This is the whole ceniro about the Eche-ane in Ebira land, Kogi State.

There is another type of Ebira festival called Ekuche (Traditional Masquerade) this is night masquerade, the celebrating activities are been carried out by matured men of 30 to 40 years and above and women are not allowed to see this kind of masquerade because of it traditional ethics.

If any woman see the this masquerade such woman will die after seven days and there is no cure or any traditional help for such woman and this celebration mark the end of the Ebira calendar year and the beginning of the new ones. This type of celebration normally occurred during December time. It a every big traditional celebration.

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