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Creativity is in everybody

Creativity is a sign of intelligence. It lies in the mind. You have it even in unconsciousness; anytime you go to sleep, your creative mind always has a movie to show to you. Just be aware that, so far you have a subconscious mind, you are creative. And because of that, you are quite intelligent.

As a child, I orchestrated so many ideas because they were just coming. These weren’t just common ideas, but they were directly from my psyche. I would relax and be composing interesting stories that weren’t even in existence yet. Then I would use non-living things such as sticks, paper etc to dramatize the ideas.

I never realized I was that creative until I had a dream when I was a little child. As a little child, I think that was the only dream that I could remember at that state. The dream was so clear to the extent that I thought it was real. When I woke up, I started looking for some persons who were in that dream. I lifted up a chair where the said person had been put under in that dream, but I was wrong. There was a big difference between dream and reality.

You are already in a creation, which means that you are creative. If the creation didn’t know it would need a creative being, then it wouldn’t have existed. And if it certainly doesn’t exist, you are going to be out of the picture entirely. Creation possesses creativity and that is why it can’t be far away from you as a human being. A fish, for instance, can’t survive outside the confines of water just because it is made to survive in water. Anything that would bring it out of water has finally tarnished its creative point; it would definitely not survive outside water. You too, you are in a creative world and that is why you have to be creative so that you can complement the creation. Your brain is also a precious tool to implement the said creativity. If your brain wasn’t necessary, you wouldn’t even have a cerebrospinal fluid for your brain to swim on and for it not to be ruptured by your skull. Creativity is in you, but you have to awaken it.

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