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Check Out Few Things About South Korea’s Most Famous Boryeong Mud Festival That Makes People Go Wild

The Boryeong Mud Festival became one of South Korea’s most popular tourist attractions before the lockdown. It invites people of all origins to get dirty and muddy on the mudflats in Boryeong.

The two-week-long festival is typically held every July and during this time, it’s common to see tourists and locals alike flock to the small town of Boryeong, located on the Western Coast of the Korean Peninsula. Aside from the mud, people often stay to enjoy other parts of the festival such as the Beauty Pageant and the firework shows.

How it began: cosmetics marketing.

Korean Peninsula has many mudflats, a source of earning for many Koreans. In Boryeong, the Mud Festival was actually aimed to promote their cosmetic products that were made with muds which are high in germanium, bentonite. In 1998, it hoped to bring more attention to cosmetic products.

But now it’s more than just about cosmetics. Boryeong Mud Festival has become a huge tourist attraction with more than 2 million visitors every year. Nearly 4 million people attended the event in 2019 and almost half a million of them were foreigners!

Dong-Seog, a Boryeong Mud Festival Organization Committee volunteer chides, “Foreigners make the festival.”

The festival is held every July for two weeks and includes all the areas from Daecheon Beach to Boryeong.

The festival is held from morning to midnight, so you definitely want to plan to enjoy every last bit of it! Here are some tips when you plan for your trip there:

You can always check the festival’s schedule directly on their site at Boryeong Mud Festival. While it’s currently not being held due to the lockdown.

The ticket costs about $10 each ranges depending on whether it’s adult or children as well as the date. You need different tickets for different days, so make sure to check the schedule that you buy them on the day with events that you want to attend!

Free lockers are offered and you don’t need to worry about the language barrier as English-speaking volunteers are also there. And you can clean up at the facilities inside if you want to have a stroll around the plaza or fair!

There’s a Family Zone for kids.

The safe mud pools are meant for families with children and the admission ticket is cheaper here. The kids can enjoy the festival at a safer place with other children as the mudflat area can get very rough.

Other events to visit and scenery to enjoy.

Aside from the mudflats, there is also La Tomatino festival, Seongjusan National Forest, and the Black Eagles show. During the day, aside from the mudflat games, there are also Mini Mud Parade, Mud-Night Mob Scene, and the Opening Performance to look forward to!

Content created and supplied by: Pheelphilly (via Opera News )

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