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Instead Of Disposing Your CDs, Checkout What They Can Be Used For

Many homes today have lots of old music and video CDs or blu-ray discs collections that are getting replaced by streaming services. And in a couple of years there will be no little or no CDs left as technology is improving day after day.

However, there is no need to dispose of your CDs or Blu-ray discs as waste anymore as they can serve important purpose than you can imagine.

1. Candle Holder

2. Lamps

Due to their colourful reflecting surface, they to help make the house beautiful.

3. Designs

They can be used to make designs on shoes, purse, bags and beautiful interior decorations.

4. Necklace

With goods skills you can design and make necklace with these CDs.

5. Clock

They can be used to make wall clocks by collecting 5-10 CDs as shown in the picture below while you need just one CD to make a table clock.

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Content created and supplied by: VickyPlain (via Opera News )

Candle Holder Lamps Necklace


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