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How to Care for a Linen Cloth

If you wonder which of your clothes is linen, check any of your dress or top that is very lightweight and absorbent. Another way to tell is the dryness. A typical linen material dries faster than other clothes and wrinkle easily. These are some of the features people pick it. 

Besides, it can be your greatest companion during the summer when the sun is usually at the peak, that way you can have enough air. Unfortunately, linen clothes can be hard to wash and take care of due to their fragile and delicate nature. Any hard wash, and you will be dealing with torn clothes.

Learn how to care for your linen dresses in this simple guide.

Wash in cold water

Before washing your linen clothes, always check the tag for information on how to wash it. Normally, it would help wash your linen clothes using the cold and gentle setting on your laundry machine.

Don't wash too hard

Even if you place your linen material on a gentle wash, it should take a long in the dryer before removing it. That's because of its fragileness which may cause it to fray. The highest your linen cloth should be in the dryer is 5 - 10 minutes. Remove it, then hang it to dry.

Iron inside out

Pressing your linen cloth on only one side can cause it to shine, displacing its usual texture. Instead, place another strong fabric between your dress and iron to prevent it from burning. Also, you should sprinkle some water on the fabric or iron it when it's still damp to remove wrinkles quickly.

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