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The Journey From Idea To Reality

1. Idea generation: at this point, your idea is birthed. Note that during the conception of ideas, you do not need too many people around you, at this point your idea is tender and does not need too many contributors, too many reviewing, or too many recommendations. It only needs you, your time, and your devotion to its development. However, you need an idea booster. Some persons believe in you and what you can do. You need to spend more time with these persons for the growth of your idea. They feed your idea with the necessary nutrients it needs to grow and become a reality. 

2. Idea differentiation: find out if what you are thinking about will match your ability. You can not be dreaming what you know you cannot achieve in 50 years. You have to sit down and access your capabilities. You do not need to go on a wild goose chase. Ask yourself, do I have what it takes to get this done? Do I have the required knowledge? Can I effectively manage this idea when it finally becomes tangible? Do I have adequate manpower? These questions should be correctly answered at this stage. 

 3. Idea fermentation: Allow the idea to incubate. Keep your mouth closed and your lips sealed. At this stage, you do not have to do anything. This is the steaming stage. Tell no one, do nothing, just sleep and take a break. Assume you do not have an idea in mind. Go out with friends, play games, swim, go hiking, go to the beach and have fun, give yourself a break because you have earned it. 

4. Idea distillation: be still. Remove everything that won't let you succeed. You're processing what you want to do, evaluating the process, eliminating whatever you are scare of, taking out slow-down agents. This is precisely what makes you an entrepreneur or an idea creator. Your ability to make your idea workable.

5. Idea implementation: work it out. Only implemented ideas give results. An idea without implementation is total frustration. It is time to go out there and make your idea palpable, make it customer-worthy. 

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