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We Didn't Settle Rain Makers, They Came To My Granny's Burial and Wanted To Cause Rain -Man

In some part of our country especially the rural parts, there are people they call rain Makers whose duty is to either divert rain to somewhere else when a festival is going on, or hold unto the rain until that feast is over. Some of them however added to even bringing down rain to a particular place should they not get paid before hand, and this happens mostly during the rainy season. Whenever a festival is about going on or even a burial, they are expected to be met, paid so they can hold unto the rain until your feast is over.

A man narrates online how they came to her granny's burial yesterday and threatened to send down rain, as they weren't settled before that feast started. The man whose name is Ryan on twitter said they thought it was a joke until the sky became dark, that was when it dawned on them that the rain Makers were really serious with it and immediately, he started praying until it cleared.

Rain making isn't a diabolical activity though as people see it but still, work with what works for you. Like the Holy Christian Bible says, give to Caesar what belongs to him, and to God what also belongs to him. It doesn't make you a servant to two Gods

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