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MYTH: Story Of The Anunuebe Tree, The Most Powerful Tree In Igboland

The Igbo people have alot of amazing stories and myths in their history, one of the amazing story is that of the Anunuebe Tree. If you are an Igbo person and you are very familiar with your place, the name Anunuebe won't be strange to you. The name Anunuebe actually translates into "birds do not Perch" in English.

This particular tree have been said to be the most powerful and also a very mysterious tree in Igbo land, the tree is identified as the king of all tress. This Tree is said to be used in making different kinds of charms and also herbs. People say that the tree is so powerful that even the birds are afraid of perching on it.

This mysterious Tree can not be found on every street like the other trees, it grows far in the forest where people do not reside. History says that the tree is of great medicinal value, most herbalist normally make use of the root and the bark for making some powerful healing potions.

According to the legend, the tree normally grows very big and it leaves spread widely which in turn creates a huge shadow. Unlike the other trees around the Anunuebe tree, they do not spread the same way. The Anunuebe Tree is seen as a giant tree, it is bigger than any other tree surrounding it. Most people claim that the tree prevents any other plant from growing close to it.

Legend has it that no other tree or crop can grow close to it or even under it, even grasses dare not grow around it. Any bird that dares to perch on the Anunuebe tree or even on its branches would immediately die. There are some cobwebs around the Anunuebe tree, this cobwebs prevent the leaves from ever touching the ground.

The reason you can not see any plant or crop growing close to this tree is because anything that comes close to it immediately dies off. Whenever thunder strikes, the other trees would be affected expected the Anunuebe tree.

The roots and the leaves of this tree is said to be able to cure different diseases. According to the legend of the tree, before one can pluck off it's leaves or bark, they have to first stand at a distance and make some incantations. You dare not approach the Anunuebe tree with the ordinary eye, you must first of all consult a traditionalist. Only the brave ones have the courage to walk up to the tree and pluck it's leaves.

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