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Funny Memes To Make Your Day

Good morning Opera News readers, here are Memes to make your day.

1. A friend's explanation is much understandable than that of the teacher

2. we will sure miss these two


4. This hurts so much


6. Seven views in 2 years

7. Nice one there

8. When she lived a hundred and six month

9. Lol

10. Wahala be like bicycle

11. I thought so too

12. An advise too

13. Sorry dear

14. Science students are guilty of this

15. Everything is not costly

16. The All in All

17. A genius indeed until the lecturer moves round the class

18. Mosquitos the ungun known men

19. Lol

20. I can totally relate to this, so stressful

21. The ones behind the gate

22. Put it inside the pot behind them. Rubbish

23. Is that A,ABB their blood group. Lol

24. This is not funny at all

25. Creepy

26. Can't = ca not. Lol

27. What is this. Lol

28. Free mode users can relate. Lol

29. He sure did

30. When the post requires a haha reaction but you don't find it funny

31. RIP baby

32. Lmao

33. We are now doctors. Lol

34. Confirm bad English

35. Some grandpa's have PHD in lying

36. Xavier is right on this. Lol

Content created and supplied by: Lixzandy (via Opera News )

Lol Memes Opera News Wahala


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