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10 Life Hacks That You Would Find Helpful Today.

1. Tie a piece of bright colored fabric to your luggage, will help you to easily identify it when traveling

IMAGE- Unsplash

2. Put a wooden access a post of boiling water to keep it from boiling over.

IMAGE; Unsplash

3. Use a spring from an old pen to keep your charger from bending or breaking

IMAGE; Unsplash

4. Use a clean dustpan to fill a container that can’t fit into the sink.

IMAGE; Unsplash

5. When taking a picture, squint your eyes to make your smile look more genuine.

IMAGE; Unsplash

6. Bounce batteries to see if they are good or bad, drop them from a table of about 6 inches. If they give a small bounce and fall right over, they are good, but if they bounce any more, they are not good.

IMAGE; Unsplash

7. When travelling, keep a bar of scented soap among your dirty clothes, to keep them smelling nice.

8. Put old newspapers at the bottom of your bin to absorb food juices.

9. When ironing a button shirt, flip it inside out, to easily iron over the button side.

10. Take a picture of business cards that people give you, just incase you loose it.

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