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5 Words To Stop Using When Chatting With Someone

Aside from these few words I mentioned, there are thousands of abbreviations people use during their chats which is bad. It may not be dangerous as you think but gradually you're forgetting the correct spelling to that word.

So I think that to remain conversant with these words, you should stop abbreviating your chats and type in full. Some of those abbreviations people use include: gud, k, hmm, Am etc.

Mere looking at it as someone who's new to social media, you will look confused. Let's look briefly on the words you should use during your typing as I stated in the title.

1. Lolz

This particular word has several meanings, if you ask three different persons the meaning of this particular word, be sure of getting a different answers.

Some will say is "laugh out loud" some interpret it as "Lucifer our Lord". If this second interpretation is good, why use it? I advise you stop using it and look for some other funny words to express your laughter like: "you're very funny" etc

2. Gudnyt

By pronouncing the word I guess you know the meaning. I think you should stop using this particular abbreviation too, instead type it in full, like this: goodnight.

3. Pm

PM is a greeting slangs meaning good evening. But I still wonder how difficult it's to simply greet the person in full by saying: good evening.

4. Wullnp

To avoid confusing the person you're chatting with, type in full as this: Wishing you long life and prosperity and so on.

5. Alrt

Instead of typing this I think you should type in full for better understanding, Alright.

What do you think about this? Let's hear you.

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Lolz Mere


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