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How To Make Slippers Beaded

You want to customize your own flipflops and wear them instead of purchasing expensive designer slippers then this guide is for you.

Beaded Flip Flops DIY

Below are the tools you will need for this pet project:


1 Pair of flip-flops

1 Spool ½ inch ribbon

Lots of beads in assorted sizes

Tiny seashells

Hot glue gun

Needle and thread

Step 1

Place a small amount of hot glue on the outside of the flip flop strap at the base and attach the end of your ribbon.

DIY Beaded Summer Sandals

Step 2

Continue wrapping your ribbon around the straps on your flip-flops until they are completely covered. Add small amounts of hot glue to hold your ribbon as you go and secure the end when you are finished with hot glue as well.

Ribbon Wrapped Flip Flops DIY

Step 3

Take your ribbon again and wrap it around and back and forth across the center "V" of your flip-flops to fill in.

Step 4

Add your beads one at a time sewing them on, (I put a small drop of hot glue under all of the large and medium sized beads as well as the seashells before sewing them).

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