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5 Tricks Thieves Use and How to Protect Yourself From Them

Everyone today is more vigilant that thieves also need to be more creative with their scams to succeed. However, to find out their new plots, sometimes we need to think like them and protect ourselves.

We have a few practical tips you can use to spot a scam and figure out how you can stay on the safe side.

1- Pure Water

Thieves now use pure water sellers to drug and tranquilize their victims. 

Thieves partner with pure water sellers to get a custom pure water that contains sedative drugs.

By any chance, if you were caught up in a situation during a journey, whereby the person close to you bought two pure waters and offered you one, in which you collected it because you were also feeling tasty. 

Always be cautious about the taste of the pure water at first gulp; if it is better make sure to throw it away immediately. 

2- Two Finger Trick

This is a trick thieves normally do to pick things in their victim's pocket. 

This trick is performed in crowded places, like on public transportation, and market squares. Thieves can steal something from your pocket and you won’t even feel it. 

They use 2 fingers in a V-shape to get into the pocket. Then they bump the knee or the butt of a person who is robbed. It’s basically a diversion so you won’t notice that they pull out a wallet or other things.

So whenever you find yourself in a crowded place, ensure to secure your valuables in places you can ‘keep an eye on’.

3- Clothes on the windshield

Lately, there have been many people who have found clothing, like, a shirt, lying on their windshield or wrapped up in the wiper blades. 

If you ever find yourself in this situation don’t remove the clothing, drive away carefully watching your surroundings, and find a safer spot to remove it so that you can safely drive.

Thieves use this method to distract you as you try to untie and remove the garment. They attack you from behind to steal your valuables. This usually happens in parking spaces and garages with little or no people around.

4- Phone Snatchers In Traffic Jam

This trick usually happens on a road that is known for causing a lot of traffic. 

Thieves anticipate for drivers who are busy on a phone call. While the driver’s windshield is down the thieve proceeds quickly to snatch the driver’s phone and run into the traffic jam. 

There are two ways to protect yourself from such a situation; 

a. If you’re in a private car, make sure to turn on the AC and wine up your glass. Some that don’t have AC in their cars, it is recommended to wine down a little the windshield for passengers seat only.

b. When you’re in a commercial car, make sure to avoid the call. If it is unavoidable, then ensure to hold your phone with both hands.

5- The “holding a baby” trick

If a stranger asks you to hold their baby, be aware that it could be a trick to take your belongings. 

When a stranger hands you a baby, they make it appear as if the infant is about to fall. While you're attempting to assist, thieves just take your belongings from your bags or pockets.

The only way you can avoid this is to be more observant of your surroundings and the situation.

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Content created and supplied by: Ismailisahblog (via Opera News )

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