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90 Percent Of Downloads In Africa Are On These 3 Things, We Hardly Read Books- Reno Omokri

The reading culture in most African countries is nothing to write home especially in my beloved country called Nigeria. We aren't used to reading books. It's an insult to the whole black nations to be tagged with this "if you want to hid something from a black man, put it inside a book". When did we degenerate to this level as Africans? I know that Africans read but most don't for one reason or the other. Most Nigerians claim to be so busy with work or looking for money while neglecting to read. You can't make much money if you don't read. Many successful entrepreneurs and businessmen have documented most of their success stories inside a book. How will you learn from them if you don't read books written by them or about them by other people?

One man who believes so much in reading and learning new things is Reno Omokri, a former media aid to President Goodluck Jonathan. You can see his level of intelligence and exposure expressed through his various social media platforms. Reno can't been dishing out these wise nuggets if he's a man given to books and continuously learning. Few hours ago, Reno came out to give one major reason while most Africans are still poor. Read it below for yourself.

You can see from the above post what most Africans especially Nigerians do with their data on the internet. Let me know whether you agree with Reno on this one.

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