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10 Photos that may make you believe in the Power of Reincarnation

There are so many controversies surrounding reincarnation. Religions such as Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism believe in the concept of reincarnation. While for Christians, they mostly believe that Judgement comes after birth hereby preventing any form of rebirth or reincarnation. Reincarnation is the rebirth of a soul into a new body often with the person carrying little or no memories of past life. Certain religion believe that good deeds in a past life can lead you to have a better standing position of in the next life.

The concept of reincarnation is to make a person's life perfect enough to make eternal bliss and until it reaches the standards, rebirth of that person will continue to take place. One awesome thing about reincarnation is the reincarnated persons will continue to bear the same look no matter how times rebirth takes place. Some religions don't believe in this but there are pictures of new generation people looking like past ancestors (most time they're not even related) and this is one of the proof of reincarnation. Below are 15 Photos to make you believe the power of reincarnation.

1) On the left frame is a modeled bust of Pharaoh Huni, a ruler of Egypt in the year 2600BCE. On the right frame is the President or Gambia (2017) and we can all see the striking resemblance despite the lengthy years apart.

2) The facial resemblance is very obvious especially the nose and lips. Despite the fact that they are wearing entirely different outfits, due to differences in generations, one can still see the resemblance. Isn't this another proof that people who existed before can come back to the world again to perfect their lives?

3) Despite the look of modernization on the face of the young black American on the right frame, he still resembles the man on the left.

4) Let's ignore the fingers, lol. They have facial similarities.




Before I stumbled on these "reincarnation proof" pictures, I used to believe that reincarnation is not real (mainly due to my religious faith as a Christian) but after seeing these pictures and even asking some elderly people around me, I had a change of mind.

According to the elderly people I asked, they made me to realize that Reincarnation is real and I'll share with you the example they gave me. Some women are quite unlucky when it comes to the issue of raising a child. After raising a child for about some years or even few months, the child will day. Yorubas call these set of children, Abikú (born to die). This child will keep on reincarnating and coming back to trouble his earthly mother. In a bid to make them stop coming or to wicked them, when they die, a very large (like a tribal mark) will be drawn on their face. Surprisingly, in some cases, after few months the same mother might get pregnant and give birth a child with the exact facial mark.

This is the example I was given and although I've not seen a life instance due to my little exposure, I believe in the power of reincarnation. What about you? Share your thoughts or even experience if you have any. Don't forget to share this article on various social media platforms. Thank you!


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