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2 Wise Things to Do Before Giving Out Your Money to a Poor or Needy Person That You Don't Know.

There are 2 wise things you should do before giving out your money to a poor or needy person who you don't know. These 2 things would help to avert any negative spiritual effect that may come if the person you are helping is not ordinary, and is trying to put you into a spiritual trap. Without further ado, they are:

1. Pray on the Money Before Giving it Out:

The first important thing you should do before giving anyone your money is to pray on it. Praying on your money requires you to speak what you want that money to bring, what it should obey, and what it would not. Your prayers would go a long way in neutralizing any negative effect (if there is) that may arise from your giving. However, your prayers should be said with wisdom and care, especially when you are close to the person that you want to give the money to. You can pray in your heart when seems difficult to prayer aloud.

2. Anoint the Money if Possible:             

The second important thing for you to do is to anoint the money if possible.The anointing oil is a powerful weapon, and it has the power to neutralize any negative effect that may arise if the person was trying to put you into a spiritual trap. It is not necessary for you to anoint the money in front of the person. You can do it in your closet or during your quiet time.

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