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Three Tips On How To Take Beautiful Selfies

So many times, we wonder why we don't look very beautiful in our selfies, even after we take our time to wear good makeup, comb our hair, and even do some important things. The problem could be that there's something we are not doing right. It does not mean you're physically unattractive.

Here are some reasons why you haven't been looking beautiful in your selfies;

1. You don't bother about the picture background; What makes your pictures beautiful is the background. Find a place designed with nice flowers, even if it means paying for a place just to take pictures. You won't regret spending your money when you see how beautiful the selfies are.


2. The picture quality: Some cameras can't take sharp pictures no matter how beautiful the background is. If you notice that your phone cannot take good pictures, it's better you get a better phone.


3. You don't smile properly. For you to be photogenic, you need to learn how to wear a nice smile. Don't frown your face and expect the picture to turn out beautifully.


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